Wrigley’s Electrical Services proudly servicing Hervey Bay, Maryborough and surrounds …



For all your home electrical needs including:

New houses
Relocated houses
Safety switches testing and installation
•  Oven and hot plate installations and repairs
Ceiling fans, lights, exhaust fans
Power points, TV points, phone and data points
Security motion and timed lighting
Switchboard upgrades and relocations
Test and tag
Electric and solar hot water installations and repairs
Installing or upgrading to energy efficient lights and dimmers
Re-wiring older homes
Smoke detectors
Electrical inspections
Split system air conditioning


Warehouse Building

For all your shop, office or workshop needs including:

New shop, office or workshop fit outs
Repairs and maintenance
Exit and emergency lighting
Security motion and timed lighting
Installing or upgrading to energy efficient lights
Safety switch installations and testing
Switchboard upgrades and relocations
3 phase power upgrades
Fault finding and repairs
Data and communications cabling and points
Test and tag
Split system air conditioning


Air Conditioning

Need a split system air conditioner installed or replaced?Air-Conditioner

Wrigley’s Electrical Services is a licensed Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) installer. We can supply and install split system air conditioners from 2kW to 18kW in your home or business.

Unfortunately, our licence does not allow us to repair air conditioners. If your air conditioner is not working you will need to contact an authorised repairer for the brand of air conditioner you have installed.

Here are a few helpful brochures to help you get your new air conditioner installed and keep it clean and running well for years to come.

wrigleys-electrical-services-5     wrigleys-electrical-services-4

Phone, Data and TV

wrigleys electrical services

Phone: Need a new phone point installed or maybe you would like to relocate one. Give us a call, we can help.
TV: Need a new TV phone point installed or maybe you would like to relocate one. Give us a call, we can help.
Data: WiFi is great, it helps us stay connected and it’s in the air just about everywhere you go now days. But it does have its limitations. While WiFi is cheap, easy and quick to set-up it is susceptible to EM interference and limited by range.

Interference, walls and distance from your router are all factors that are slowing down the speed at which data is transmitted and received.

While this may be fine for browsing web pages or checking out Facebook, it does become a problem when trying to use services like Netflix on your smart TV to download HD movies and TV shows. Or playing online video games on your PC, Mac or games console.

To help speed things along Wrigley’s Electrical Services recommends you install a physical network of cables in your walls to each of your devices such as the TV / Xbox / PlayStation in the lounge room or bedroom and the computers in your home or office. Especially if you are building a new house, get the wiring put in as it is built, you won’t regret it.

Not only will this improve your speed and lessen your wait time, it will tidy up your home as you can hide your router away in a walk in pantry or cupboard.

Contact us today, we can help.