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Split System Air Conditioning Installation Services

Wrigley’s Electrical Services install split system air conditioners in residential and commercial properties in Hervey Bay and surrounding areas. We are a licensed Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) installer which means that we can supply and install split system air conditioners from 2kW to 18kW in your home or business. For more information or to book our split system air conditioning installation services, please contact us Electrical Services today on 0408 857 349.

Split System Installation:

Our professional team of electricians can install any brand of air conditioner in your home or office, up to 18kW. In addition to installing your existing system, we can also decommission and remove existing air conditioners.

Split System Supply and Installation:

If you have not already purchased your new split system air conditioning unit then we can supply the system for you. The advantage of our supply and install service is that it will give us the opportunity to discuss your air conditioning needs with you prior, ensuring that we select the best unit for your specific situation.

Air Conditioning Advice:

If you are uncertain which air conditioning make and model will best suit your needs then we are more than happy to discuss this with you prior to the installation and help assist you in selecting an air conditioner that is right for the size of your room.

ARC-Licensed Air Conditioning Technicians:

The Australian Government requires that all air conditioning installation, repairs and decommissioning is performed by a licensed ARC-licensed technician. There are many benefits to using a professional licensed installer including a reduced risk of gas leaks, increased system performance, decreased running costs as well as ensuring that any gas and parts are disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible. Click here for more information on ARC-Licensing and the benefits.

 Split System Air Conditioning Installation

Get in touch to book Wrigley’s Electrical Services to install your new split-system air conditioner. Call 0408 857 349.