Fault Finding / Maintenance / Repairs

Hervey Bay Electrician: Fault Finding, Maintenance and Electrical Repairs

Wrigley’s Electrical Services specialises in providing residential and commercial properties in Hervey Bay and surrounds with professional electrician services including fault finding and diagnosis, maintenance and electrical repairs. Their team of fully licensed and insured technicians pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service and high-quality workmanship. Wrigley’s team are friendly and reliable, treating your home with the same level of respect that they would treat their own, causing no unnecessary damage and taking all rubbish and debris off-site with them.

Repairs and maintenance service extends to all electrical outlets, wiring and cables and ensures that your property’s electrical components are running as safely and efficiently as possible. A range of replacement or upgrade services are also offered for older properties that are still using older electrical technology. These include:

To book an electrician or request more information about any of our services, please contact Wrigley’s Electrical Services today on 0408 857 349.

Emergency and Urgent Electrical Services:

While Wrigley’s do not provide an emergency after-hours electrician service, we do give priority service to anyone who is experiencing a major issue such as loss of energy supply or loss of hot water. This service is part of Wrigley’s dedication towards ensuring that all clients are being looked after during their time of need.

Save Time and Money:

You can save yourself time and money by starting the fault diagnosis process yourself; if you have an electrical issue and your safety switch is continuously tripping when reset then we recommend unplugging appliances from the power point and then turning the power back on. If it does not reset straight away then you have a problem with one of your appliances. Slowly start plugging the appliances back in until the safety switch resets itself. This will enable you to determine what appliance is causing the issue without having to call an electrician out.

If the appliance that was causing the issue is a major appliance such as an oven or fridge, or if the problem doesn’t appear to be related to any of your appliances, give Wrigley’s Electrical Services a call to have a qualified electrician to take a look for you.

Book a Hervey Bay Electrician

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