Power Points, TV & Data

Power Point, TV, Data and Phone Outlets: Installation and Repairs

Wrigley’s Electrical Services specialise in installing, relocating and repairing a range of different outlets including power points, television outlets, data outlets and phone outlets. Their team of professional and fully-qualified electricians provide expert electrical services to Hervey Bay and surrounding areas and have a strong reputation for providing high quality services for a fair price. For more information regarding Wrigley’s full range of services, or to make a booking, please contact us today on 0408 857 349.

Outlet and Power Point Wiring for New Homes:

If you are having a new home built, it is recommended getting an additional network of physical cables installed in your walls – while WiFi is cheap, easy and quick to set-up, it is susceptible to EM interference and limited by range. Interference, walls and distance from your router are all factors that are slowing down the speed at which data is transmitted and received. While this may be fine for browsing web pages or checking out Facebook, it may become a problem when trying to use services like Netflix on your smart TV to view HD movies and TV shows.

Installing a physical network of cables in your walls to each of your devices such as the TV / Xbox / PlayStation in the lounge room or bedroom and the computers in your home or office can help speed things along and is significantly cheaper to have installed during the building process. Not only will this improve your speed and lessen your wait time, it will tidy up your home as you can hide your router away in a walk-in pantry or cupboard.

The Wrigley’s Process:

Installing or repairing any power points or other electrical outlets is extremely dangerous and against the law for anyone without the correct qualifications and licenses. If you require any of these services, contact Wrigley’s Electrical Services to arrange a professional electrician to visit your property at a time to suit you. Once the size and requirements of the job have been assessed, Wrigley’s will provide you with a quote, and if approved, a technician will be arranged to visit you at your preferred time.

Power Point Installation Services

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