Electrical Rewiring for Older Homes

Wrigley’s Electrical Services specialises in providing electrical rewiring for older homes as well as homes that are being renovated or relocated. Wrigley’s team of reliable and experienced electricians have a strong reputation for providing high-quality services for a fair and competitive price. Extra care is taken by their electricians, being efficient and tidy they always make sure to remove any rubbish or debris off-site with them at the end of a job or working day.

For more information regarding our electrical rewiring service or to organise a quote, please contact the team at Wrigley’s Electrical Services on 0408 857 349.

Peace of Mind for Older Homes:

A lot of older homes use a type of rubber-coated wiring that is no longer used. This wiring was phased out as the rubber had a habit of going hard and brittle and then falling off, creating a fire hazard. If you have recently purchased an older property and are not certain what type of wiring it uses, give Wrigley’s a call and they’ll take a look – it is worth your peace of mind, knowing that you have safe electrical wiring. They can also look at your switchboard and see if it needs to be replaced with newer, safer technology.

Home Extensions:

Wrigley’s provide wiring and cabling services for existing homes that are being renovated or extended. Their team are happy to work independently on the project or to be sub-contracted by builders or project managers.

Rewiring Relocated Homes:

The process of relocating a house often involves cutting down the middle of the house including all of the electrical wiring. When it comes time to piece the house back together, you will need to have a professional electrician rewire any broken or cut cabling; depending on how long the house was left before being put back together, they may also need to replace some of the wiring as dirt and old or frayed cables or wiring could lead to a fire risk.

Electrical Rewiring Quote

Get in touch to organise a suitable time for one of our electricians to come and inspect your property and provide you with an electrical rewiring quote. Call 0408 857 349.