Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarm Installation Services in Hervey Bay

We install and replace smoke alarm systems in commercial and residential properties throughout Hervey Bay and surrounds. Our team of qualified and experienced electricians are efficient yet thorough and can be relied on to get the job done as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Fire alarm systems are an important safety feature of any property and they need to be installed professionally to ensure that they meet all legal requirements. Many people are not aware of the recent updates to fire alarm laws in Queensland which state the specific type, positioning and interconnectedness of your smoke alarms. All new houses must be built to these specifications and existing houses have a few years to transition to the new system.

Our team of electricians are experienced in installing fire alarms to meet the new requirements and can assist you in ensuring that your home is meeting all of its legal requirements. For more information regarding our smoke alarm installation services, contact our team today on 0408 857 349.

Smoke Alarms for New Homes:

When we install smoke alarm systems in new houses, we do so in accordance with all current laws and legislation. All your new fire alarms will be photoelectric and interconnected, with alarms in all bedrooms, hallways and any other area that connects bedrooms.

Smoke Alarms for Existing Houses:

There are several updates to legislation that affect existing dwellings but home owners will have 10 years from January 2017 to comply with the new laws. If the property undergoes major renovations during that time then they will be required to upgrade at that point, and if the property is leased or sold then it needs to meet compliance within five years.

If you are having renovations done to your existing home then we can install your new smoke detectors in compliance with the new laws, in addition to any other electrical services that you require such as light fittings, ceiling fans and power points.

Commercial Properties:

While the new laws are in relation to residential properties, commercial premises and businesses already have their own fire alarm legislation that is equally detailed regarding the type, location and interconnectedness that is required. Our team of professional electricians are completely up to date with commercial legislation requirements as well and can install, repair or replace your commercial smoke detection system.

Smoke Alarm Installation

Get in touch to discuss our smoke detection installation services and to book a suitable time for us to visit your property. Call 0408 857 349.