Test and Tag

Professional Test and Tag Services in Hervey Bay

Wrigley’s Electrical Services provide professional test and tag services to commercial businesses and properties throughout Hervey Bay and surrounding areas. Safety testing and tagging is a legal requirement for all commercial businesses including offices, workshops, retail stores, commercial kitchens and restaurants, schools and childcare facilities, hotels, commercial job sites and hospitals or respite centres. It ensures that all electrical tools, equipment and appliances that are used within the premises are checked regularly – this is required because equipment used in commercial environments is usually exposed to higher and harsher usage levels than can result in shorter life spans.

The team at Wrigley’s Electrical Services are efficient yet thorough when we perform test and tag services – all equipment wires will be thoroughly checked, ensuring that there are no safety hazards, before being tagged to identify when the next safety check is due. Wrigley’s turn up on time and get the job done quickly and with minimal disruption to your business operations and our costs are affordable and competitive. For more information regarding our test and tag services in Hervey Bay or to book your next service, give Wrigley’s a call on 0408 857 349.

Test and Tag Regulations:

Different industries, working environments and equipment/tools require different frequency cycles for test and tag services. For example, an office building only requires this service once every 5 years, whereas a construction job site requires one every three months. Wrigley’s Electrical Services understand all the different requirements for each industry and we can assist you ensuring that your business is meeting all legal requirements related to safety testing and tagging.


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